About me

Hi! How are you?  My name is Dain Fagerholm.  I live in Seattle and I am an artist working mostly with ink pens and color dye markers.  I started making GIFs of my drawings in February of 2012 and posted them to Tumblr. I call these GIFs “stereographic drawings”.  

I am currently working on a series of drawings using the GIF (Graphical Interface Format) as a medium. These drawings are an exploration into themes of trauma, fantasy, disassociation and personal transformation.  

When I’m not on Tumblr or drawing, I am a volunteer dog walker at the Progressive Animal Welfare Society and the Seattle Humane Society.  Other things I like include lifting heavy shit made of iron, BHO, DIE MUDDAFOKKEN ANTWOORD, YO-LANDI VI$$ER and I also like to tattoo myself.